Forget to file your 2014 tax return? Money could be waiting for you!

Could you lose your money by April 17, 2018?

About 1 million taxpayers are eligible for about $1.1 billion in unclaimed federal income tax refunds for their 2014 federal income tax returns. The problem? The refund cash has gone unclaimed because the taxpayers did not yet file a tax return for 2014.

In Michigan, about 34,100 individuals may be due $36.5 million in unclaimed 2014 federal income tax refunds. Other states: In New York, about 53,600 taxpayers are owed $60.1 million in unclaimed 2014 federal refunds. In Texas, about 108,100 taxpayers are owed nearly $122 million.

“This is money that you may be owed but never filed a return to claim,” said Luis D. Garcia, a spokesman for the IRS in Detroit. The Internal Revenue Service figures are an estimate and reflect W-2 withholding information. The IRS estimates that about half the refunds nationwide could be worth more than $847. About half the refunds due in Michigan would be worth more than $845.